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HEALTH IS WEALTH - Good health is like $ in the bank.

Good health translates to wealth. How? If your health is poor then all the money in the world can’t change that. Only you can. With poor health money allows you to pay manage. Even if you do have financial means but not physical ability you miss out on so much in life: trips with friends, playing with grandchildren, doing the things you love to do. You are restricted, even eliminated, by poor health. Poor health impacts us in everything. The recent pandemic puts those in poor health at greater risk. Poor health leads to aging diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Aging becomes more painful with chronic inflammation from a poor diet and lack of exercise; and even with health insurance your payment portion for the medications can put you in serious debt. We work hard to enjoy our “golden years”. It is something to look forward to but not with a life with poor health. There is no enjoyment and “quality of life” but rather a series of medication side effects taking away from the life we want to live. Does it have to be this way? That is a conscious choice you make every day whether you realize it or not. Moderation is the golden key you need to carry with you at all times. Too much of anything removes its “specialty” and puts you at high risk. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure are results from poor lifestyle choices for the most part. You are inching towards the edge of a cliff unnecessarily. Excess sugar and you risk diabetes, inflammation, potential loss of mobility. Too much alcohol equals burned out brain cells and Alzheimer’s. “Too much” being the culprit and “moderation” the hero! Is it really that simple Cheryl? Yes! Better choices equal a better life. It is no fun being tied to a wheelchair with others making choices for you. Cheryl you make it sound terrible. In reality it is terrible. Make better choices now to be able to make choices for the rest of your life. I address a lot of this in depth in my recent book The 21st Century Woman available at Amazon or on the website. How do I go about making the right choices now for my life and what is good “health”? HEALTH'S FAB FOUR: 1) Diet: It is your choice to stuff yourself or put less on your plate. But Cheryl when I go out to eat they hand me a plate full of food. Send it back requesting a half order, or order half to go, or share with a friend. Think long term. Eat more live foods, less preservatives & processed and smaller portions. There are many resources at your finger tips - better choices mean a better life. Your diet is the largest portion of your health. 1) Movement Your body is meant to move. Stop lying around and sitting at the computer. Walk more, engage in a class either on line or live. Return to a sport you love. Just start moving every day. 2) Sleep Many of us are not getting enough quality sleep. We are created to work with circadian rhythms: sleep when its dark and get up when its light. We need 8 hours every night. So create a conducive time & place where you can relax and get a good night’s sleep. 3) Happiness Your spirit thrives when you are happy and a life without joy is no life at all. It is your choice.

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