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For the past 42 years, her knowledge encompasses several graduate degrees, numerous certifications and continuing education. The knowledge gained from working with experts in the medical field and with hundreds of clients has fine-tuned her ability to help her clients reach their goals safely.

Surgeons and medical practitioners have trusted her with helping their patients recover from surgery and improve their health and wellbeing through her expertise. Early in her career she recognized the need for integration of fitness and medicine and was one of the few to introduce integrating the medical practice into fitness and wellness - initially in her practice, and later at Fisher Island and Williams Island, before it was common practice.


Her exposure to all modalities ensures that as a Trainer and Life Coach, she can accommodate most clients' restrictions and limitations by utilizing a variety of modalities including water, plyometrics, Pilates, free weights, stretching, strength equipment, bands, plyoballs, spinning, walking, etc. Cheryl’s counseling background allows her to motivate and inspire clients to be the best they can be.


"I believe the highest education comes from applying your knowledge with experience learned by working with people."

How did I get started in fitness?

My professional journey started when I was in college majoring in business.  I had gained 40 pounds from bad eating habits and was working in administration for a chain of sports clubs.  I was not happy with how I felt about myself.

I decided to take action. It began slowly, starting with healthy meals and a workout I created. I started seeing results: I lost the weight. Meanwhile, my employer took notice and asked me to help others by teaching classes.  That was the beginning!

A successful experience is priceless!

Learning about people’s motivation, movement, priorities, and medical backgrounds allows me to be more successful with my clients. Understanding what is important to them, and what motivates them, helps ensure my clients reach their goals, whether it’s functional movement, post-surgery rehabilitation, or achieving their personal fitness goals.  I think the most important thing for anyone to know about me is that my number one passion is helping others.  It comes naturally to me and is one of my strongest gifts. 

My desire to help others and be creative has afforded me the privilege of working with developers, managing gym renovation projects, and with non-profits creating programs for residential rehabilitation centers.  I also co-founded a women’s residential recovery center, The Agape Women’s Center.


I am very passionate about writing.  So much so, that I recently published my first book, The 21st Century Woman. Writing is something I enjoy and is a creative outlet I can share.  You can read some of my articles in the following publications: American Spa Magazine, Entertainment News & Views, Living In Balance Magazine, Women’s Fitness, Miami Metro, and on my website.


Looking forward to connecting!

(01) 786-277-9265

22505 NW 188th Street High Springs, Florida 3264

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