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Updated: Mar 30

What motivates you to work out? To look better? To feel better? To have a better quality of life?

The bottom line is good health! Healthy people always look and feel better. And when you are aging, staying strong is critical. Having the ability to move allows you to keep doing what you love to do. I have seen people decline with age because they stopped exercising, stopped moving and before they knew it they could no longer do the things they love doing.

Let's get started! That is the beginning - even for 10 minutes. No gym? No equipment? Its ok. Push-ups off the dining room table or counter until you can do them on the floor. Squats or "sit and stand" from a chair. Tricep dips off a chair. Biceps with a jar of spaghetti sauce. Walk, swim or dance. Planks starting with 10 seconds and building to 5 minutes. Stop thinking about it and just get up and do it!

Here is an easy 10 minute starting program for you:

Jump rope or jog in place one minute; pushups off a table or counter-start with 5 reps & build to 15 reps; sit and stand from a chair-try to keep good posture throughout-start with 5 & build to 15; bicep curls with 2-5 lbs-start with 5 & build to 15; then go back and do it all over again until you can repeat the entire routine 3 times for one workout. End with a good 2-3 minute stretch.

If you are already doing it - GREAT! Let's turn it up!!! Do 2 more reps; 2 more minutes cardio; increase by 2 pounds.

This is YOUR LIFE! As the saying goes "this is not a dress rehearsal".  This is it!  You are not promised tomorrow.

Working out releases life's stress and you will sleep better. Working out helps you to cope with pressure and responsibilities. It increases blood flow to move toxins and cholesterol build up in the veins and body. It strengthens heart, lungs, joints, muscles, and gives better oxygen flow to the brain. It builds your self-confidence.Do you need any more motivation for a workout?

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