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READER'S RECIPE-Maria Markovic of St. Petersburg, Fla.-Vegetable Broth & Asparagus Soup

My recipe section is the most clicked on area in my bi-monthly newsletter! That is why we are now selecting one recipe a month from our readers to feature in the newsletter. Submit yours to Maria is working on publishing her very own Vegan Recipe book. These recipes are accumulated throughout life and meat was replaced with other things when her and her daughter Kim became Vegan. Each recipe includes a family story learned during sharing time in the kitchen. Precious memories shared over the stove! She has submitted two delicious recipes that are healthy & great. Thank you Maria for sharing your love with us! VEGETABLE BROTH Good to eat alone or use in your other recipes. I make it every other week. The neighbors always know when I am making my broth and love it!

"So what’s up with the wooden spoon?", I asked my Mamita. "Well, if you don’t want it to boil over you put the wooden spoon on your pot", (as in the picture) she replied. When my daughter and I made the change to vegan it included not being wasteful. So we began putting all the vegetable scraps in a large freezer bag until full. (Don’t forget all the peels, including garlic, onions, carrots, potatoes, etc.) Put it in a large pot, cover with water. Get it to boil and then lower the temperature. Simmer for at least an hour. The longer you boil – the tastier it becomes. Use in recipes. I freeze half for another day.

CREAM OF ASPARAGUS SOUP When I cook asparagus I always freeze the stems and when I have a full bag I make soup.

In a medium pot sauté on low medium for about 5 minutes over olive oil: 1 chopped onion 1 chopped garlic bunch 1 chopped bunch of cilantro Let the onions caramelize and then add at least 1 cup water 1T sea salt 1T adobo seasoning ½ lemon cut up When it boils add the asparagus and a handful of chopped pumpkin or squash. Make sure you have enough water to just cover everything. Let cook on med low until everything is soft. Let cool and put in blender. Pour back into pot, add ¼ cup almond milk and simmer. Serve topped with vegan parmesan cheese. Yummy!

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