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Still want to eat healthy? Here's how to do both! Occasionally I go on a detox for 5 days to clear my head and clean out my body. It’s not that I eat poorly – I am a wellness professional – but I do like to enjoy a few things that are not optimal. The benefits of cleansing your system can’t be ignored either. But when those 5 days are over I reached for my morning coffee! I have learned there is a better way to go about it that is not as toxic or unhealthy. One of the drawbacks of coffee is the caffeine along with what you put into your cup of java like sugar and cream. The release of caffeine, sugar and cream into the body is pretty instant and then it’s over. The sugar and caffeine spikes your insulin levels and can create low energy over time. There are some good things about coffee: instant energy, prevention of Parkinson’s, cancer, promotes healthy heart, increases acidity for digestion. But too much coffee can cause insomnia, IBS, increased cortisol levels, and dependence on caffeine for energy, and, addiction. It is recommended to keep your caffeine intake to less than 400 mg daily – but that translates to 4 cups of coffee daily. I stay at about one cup a day. Avoid the fancy coffee drinks and additives that pile up the sugar (fat) as they are the same as a dessert. We all know what happens if we have a desert every morning. Instead, add a teaspoon of coconut oil to your coffee to stretch out the release of sugar and caffeine. This avoids the insulin interruption and increase of cortisol levels. The benefits of coffee will last longer and be less detrimental to your health.

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