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Cooking With Love

Growing up mom was always making something delicious in the kitchen. Her meals were her expression of love for us. I enjoy cooking and often will cook for friends, or events, as an offering of my love. Essentially when you prepare a meal for friends or family that is exactly what you are doing - Cooking With Love. Here is an easy dish I like, it’s spicy, and very healthy. You can tone down the spice by using less ginger and cayenne. Have fun and be creative by giving your own special touch by experimenting. A little less of this, more of that, or add something entirely new to the dish. Spicy Ginger Chicken Prep time 15-20 minutes Cook time about 18 minutes

Ingredients: Chicken-white or dark-your choice-sliced and cut into medium bite size pieces (1/4 lb per person/serving) sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of pieces of chicken Ginger-about an inch to two inches-chopped into small pieces Garlic-one clove-chopped small Sweet onion-whole onion chopped small Asparagus-6 stalks-top half of stalk cut into pieces Broccolini with leaves (bunch)-cut bottoms off and chop into pieces Mushrooms-I like to use cremini, portobello and shitake-total 8-12 mushrooms-cut into small pieces Small sweet potato-sliced and cut into bite size pieces Tomato-sliced and cut into bite size pieces Tamari sauce, Salt and pepper, Cayenne pepper Coconut oil-1 tsp In a large pan add coconut oil put on high heat-when hot add chicken stirring often but get outsides nice & brown (4-5 minutes). It seals in the juices and tastes so much better! Add garlic, then onion, then sweet potato-stir in between and often-don’t let anything stick-3-4 minutes Reduce to medium high heat-Add ginger, asparagus, broccolini, mushrooms, tomato-stirring in between each item. 3-4 minutes STIR Add 2-3 tblsp tamari, 2-3 shakes cayenne, reduce to medium-medium low STIR and cover 5-6 minutes to steam and blend flavors, creating its own sauce STIR ***Nutritional benefits: Asparagus is a natural diuretic & high in K, B, C, A; Broccolini is high in B, C, Protein; Chicken high in Protein, B6, Potassium; Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, aides in digestion, prevents cancer, helps with arthritis and osteoarthritis; Mushrooms boost your immune system, acts as an anti-oxidant, balances blood sugar levels; Sweet Potatoes are a complex carb high in fiber, high in antioxidants, cancer fighting properties and high in beta carotene; Garlic helps stabilize blood pressure, is an anti-inflammatory, builds immune system, prevents cancer; Sweet Onion improves gut health and digestion, builds immune system, makes strong bones, is good for your heart. This is a high energy, low fat, and high in nutritional benefits meal! There is a lot of LOVE in this dish!!! SERVE AND ENJOY

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