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When I have a new client one of the first things I check is their balance. Part of aging is muscle and strength loss. Without these two things we have a very difficult time with balance. Has this every happened to you - visiting a friend or at a party you are sitting on the couch and go to get up and struggle to get out of the couch? Or you have had a few almost falls due to loss of balance? You turn but your body keeps going and you struggle to stay upright? That is the sign you need to take action now. One of my dearest clients and friends said this: "Cheryl has added years to my life both in quality and quantity. While my friends have lost mobility and frequently fall from balance issues, Cheryl's discipline and guidance keeps me safe and able to enjoy the things I love such as traveling and enjoying activities with my family. I count my sessions with Cheryl as critical to my life support." Harriet Shapiro We do not have to experience these things if we stay active and take steps to preserve our muscle and strength. Maintaining our independence as we age means being able to take care of ourselves at home doing our daily living activities. But if we start falling – and once we start it doesn’t stop – it’s a sign we are losing our capabilities due to muscle and strength loss - unless we start rebuilding our strength and balance.

A very easy exercise to resolve this is the sit and stand. Take a normal height, sturdy chair, like a dining room chair, and sit on it. Both feet on the floor in front of you, somewhat scooted towards the edge of the chair and then stand up securely pressing through both feet and holding your stomach in.

Attempt to reach the top of your head towards the ceiling instead of leaning too far forward using your back. This simple exercise will build your leg strength, your ability to get up out of a chair, or couch, and begin to improve your balance. Do 3 sets of 6 – then 3 sets of 8 – then 3 sets of 10 and eventually 3 sets of 15.

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