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2 Important Things

Two things I think are important to include in our lives that make a HUGE difference:

Hydration-yes I know we all know we are supposed to drink enough water daily. But what is “enough”? And why is it important? Enough is easily recognized as “until your urine is a very light color”. Why? The darker the urine the more impurities in your body that need to be flushed out with water and the kidney filtration system. There is also the obvious. Water helps us to eliminate waste in the body-those things that are not of use for nutrients, and, it helps to feed the skin with badly needed moisture. Our skin suffers the most visually with sagging and crepiness, which can be reduced with proper hydration throughout our lives to keep the skin moist from within. It’s the proper nutrients and hydration that gives our skin its healthy glow. The other thing I know is worth our time is a morning routine to “wake up” our backs and central nervous system.

While sleeping, there are many things occurring within our bodies but sending oxygenated blood to the muscles is not one of them. Neither is strong circulation to the central nervous system. If you are like me, over 50, had a very active life of various athletics that includes injuries, and some arthritis with stiff muscles upon waking up. Instead of getting up and walking around half crippled I do a few things before getting out of bed. Hug my knees to my chest stretching my lower back and increasing blood flow. Stretch my hamstrings (back of the thighs) by placing my hands behind my upper thigh and straightening my knee as best as I can-do both legs. Next I stretch my arms out and roll my shoulders and gently turn my head side to side-slowly. Lastly bend my knees, feet flat, then slowly drop my knees first to one side then the other. All of this is done in a matter of 2-3 minutes, slowly, and with slow deliberate breaths. I guarantee you will feel 100% better to start your day!

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