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Updated: Mar 31

It seems I have become a bit of a trendsetter AND I have seen a few miracles!

Several of my articles have become republished topics. For example about two months ago I wrote an article about virtual personal training that was published on my website and on several websites on the internet. It was followed by a few articles from others on the same topic. Coincidence? Not really. Virtual sessions and meetings have become very popular. At the onset of COVID  medical friends and other doctors activated telehealth; therapists converted to virtual sessions; and businesses went to Zoom – whose stock hit the roof! Wish I had seen that coming. It is actually more convenient to conduct business on facetime, google meet, or zoom – for both the business and the client.  It omits the stress of traffic,  travel time, prepping to leave your office or home, etc. It allows me to work with people from all over.  I have clients in New York City, Utah, The Hamptons, Bal Harbor and Pinecrest.  I will say the facilitator must be on their top game to be successful at it. Daydream for a second and you may miss the entire concept of the session.

The Real Estate Boom!

During the pandemic many people decided to relocate. A move to the country; a move away from the city; a move to a house with more space since we spent so much time at home. Whatever personal decision prompted it the real estate market blew up and is still in demand. Even the small town I moved to saw lots of newcomers from Miami, South Florida, and the Northeast. I must have looked at 40 homes I was interested in and when I called, they already had a contract! But the result was I got the home of my dreams and made a great deal on the home I sold. The reality is that real estate has exploded and for Florida alone it is estimated at an increase of over 16.6%! I think that is way too conservative a number though. (Me and my kids driving to our new home)

On a larger scale than national social shift is a report in National Geographic magazine that provides a strong case for the changes we are facing in our world. The article “In The Face Of Unprecedented Challenges, Humanity Is On The Move” published September 29, 2021, written by Parag Khaana, who discusses climate changes, government actions to correct it and migratory moves as a result of it.  The statement that summed it up for me was “Whatever the next normal is, it will not adapt to us, we will have to adapt to it”. This statement is a revelation we are not returning to “normal” as so many think. Normal is evolving. The writer explains this statement as follows: “Throughout history, animal species have had one common means of adaptation: to move. We humans have a fight or flight instinct too, and our response to civil war or drought is the sensible one: we move.  Now, gradually but noticeably, we moderns, like our forebears, are becoming a migratory species again. In the decades ahead, billions of people may relocate from coastal to inland regions, from low-lying to higher elevation areas, from overpriced to affordable locales, and from failing to stable societies.” While my story discusses our migration on a social level – this is happening in our world. Miracles!

So tell me something I don’t know Cheryl?  Ok.  YOU create your own normal.  Now is the time and the opportunity.

Throughout time miracles have occurred.  They are occurring every day.  The miracle of an unexpected medical recovery; the miracle of an extraordinary event; the miracle of an amazing accomplishment.  The miracle of a special love.  These miracles happen through divine intervention or a person's faith, or the belief in its success.  Don't take these special occurrences for granted.  Yesterday I looked around me and my heart was touched with how much I have.  That is very special. In the last two years there have been unprecedented occurrences in our world resulting in people doing the unthinkable!  On the negative side some tempers have flared in ways unheard of: politically, (Double rainbow in my front yard)

socially, physically! But the good news is that people are making decisions for themselves they never would have before. Taking risks they would not have taken. Doing things we had only thought about because we didn't have the courage to take those actual steps. A job change, a major geographical move, or stepping out of our comfort zone to fulfill our heart’s desire. The past couple of years we have experienced such extremes that what was once considered unreachable has become within reach.  Mostly because our thinking has changed as well as our world. We have changed. Friends and family have passed away. Some of us have gotten sick and recovered, and others have not. It is an uncertain world we now live in. Despite everything, miracles are happening. For me personally I have been given opportunities that are incredible:  amazing clients; a beautiful home; land that I had only dreamed of; a closeness with family and loving friends I cherish. There are miracles all around us – we only need to look and see. Or at least be open to it because there is something definitely going on and if you don’t wake up and take those chances to fulfill your own dreams – you may miss your opportunity. How about you? What miracles have you seen? Perhaps just realizing the many things you have to be grateful for? Or, maybe your own thinking has changed as a result of what we are going through? Share with me:

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