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Take Time For A Summer Break

Updated: Mar 30

June 21st is the first day of summer! Can you believe 2023 will be half over!  Time truly flies – you blink and things change.  Whether it

is a weekend, a week or a month, summer is the perfect time to rejuvenate, refresh and refocus. Working too many hours without a break is a breeding ground for developing stress that can harm your health and relationships. Moreover, the more chronic the state of your stress and fatigue, the longer the recovery time: meaning—a few days off “won’t cut it.” Have you ever taken time off but it took the first two days just to get yourself to relax and start enjoying it only to realize it was already time to go back to work?  I have been there.  In reflection I regret not taking time off to join my family on wonderful vacations, but somewhere along the timeline I made that change and am happier for it.  We have a wonderful trip planned in the fall to Italy! I also realize how it impacts my relationships with family and people close to me.  If we are not creating memories together that makes life all about work not about living and life.  My brother used to say to me "you live to work but you should be working to live".  I would think - you don't understand, my job is very important to me.  But in reality, there should be a balance of life, work and relationships. Do what is best for you.  A weekend, a week, a month - just make the time to allow yourself a small break to become refreshed.  Even it is only a day here and there.  Maybe a picnic or park trip. But it only works if you put the phone down and interact with those around you. It will make a world of difference in your life and in your relationships!

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