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Healthy Meals Made Easy

YOUR FAMILY WILL THINK YOU WORKED FOR HOURS ON THESE EASY RECIPES! Chicken Stir Fry With Veggies-replace the rice with bite size pieces of sweet potatoes-30 minutes total time Last newsletter I had great responses from our readers with several requests for quick, easy, and healthy meals. So here are some recipes to follow that will make everyone think you worked for hours on the meal! These three main meals are all less than an hour to prepare. They are pretty easy to follow, and healthy. If you are new at this it may take a couple of times before it feels easy - but I promise it will happen. For the chicken stir fry I suggest replacing the rice with small bite size pieces of sweet potatoes stir fried just like the veggies. But put them in the stir fry to cook before you add the veggies so they get a chance to cook thoroughly. If you do not have a wok use can use a large frying pan or pot. This is a recipe from McCormick so they promote their spices. My local market, Mr. Fresh Market, carry’s sweet potato noodles that have less carbs and fat. So you could use something like that to replace the rice also. Click on each picture for the full recipe.

The Chicken and Bean Chili is from Adita Lang’s Nutritional Brilliance website. She has many nutritious recipes and is a dear friend. You can change the recipe to create new meals. For example on the Stir Fry replace the corn starch and ginger to yellow or red curry and cumin, and, if you like it a little hot add cayenne pepper. I always replace the soy with organic tamari or Braggs Amino which is a gluten free soy sauce. In place of powdered spices - when I can - I use real ginger, garlic, onion, thyme, parsley, etc. Here are some suggested staples to keep in your refrigerator: fresh garlic, onion, ginger, thyme and can be used with a variety of recipes. Try creating a few of your own by experimenting as I have done.

You can replace the chicken with fish, pork or red meat – get the leanest and most affordable cuts that works for your taste and budget. Or you can go meatless - your preference. Personally I use dark meat chicken thighs as they are a bit juicier. I get them at COSTCO – organic thigh meat – and the price is great! If I want to go meatless but need more protein I add bite size pieces of fresh but firm avocado. Share some of your creations with us. – Cheryl

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