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Working Out, Getting Healthy, and Happy

Let's start with the priorities.  What is important for your body?

A healthy diet-food is fuel for your body.  The wrong foods will make you tired, leave you without energy and worse!  It can cause digestion, joint and organ problems.  If food is fuel to your body - the vehicle you need to get around in life - then why would you put garbage into your body and expect it to perform well in life?  What constitutes a good diet?  Three meals of lean protein, complex carbohydrates like vegetables, grains, fruits, with occasional treats, and lots of water.

Good sleep-our bodies and minds need time to recover every day.  Sleep is where that happens and it’s best at 7 to 8 hours nightly.  Our current society has life coming at us in every direction and we need recovery time.  The first 4 hours is where the body repairs and recovers followed by time to destress and strengthen from the challenges of life. Make sure your room reflects the environment needed for restful sleep; a quiet, cool and dark room with all

electronic devices off or on sleep mode.

Flexibility-if you can’t tie your shoes, unhook your bra strap or even pick up something you dropped on the floor you definitely need to work on getting your range of motion back. Start by sitting in a chair and practice touching the floor in between your feet.  Next sit on the floor and gently try to reach for your toes and keep at it until you can.  For arms and shoulders gently swing your arms in front of you and then behind you until you gradually can do it chest high.

Strength-did you know poor balance starts with loss of strength?  That happens as we age and move less.  Regain your strength by walking - starting with 10 minutes and building, gradually, to 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. Exercising 150 minutes per week is the new recommended recipe for good health!

The ability to move freely-if it hurts to move or you are too lazy then you will lose that ability.  Too tired, or lazy, to play with the kids or grandkids?  To meet up with friends at the park or for lunch?  You are losing out on life.  Get back in the game.  Life is for living!

Being happy-a sedentary lifestyle is a foundation for depression along with many debilitating diseases.  Moving increases endorphins and endorphins lift your mood!


By following these priorities at any age will result in a happier and healthier YOU!  Feel free to contact me for more information at  Or go to my website for plenty of articles about exercise, eating and life!

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