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Updated: Mar 30

Today is the first day of 2023! Let's face it we have been through a lot of change the past couple of years. So why not start this new year in a new way?

Recently I read an intriguing article in Ageists newsletter. David Stewart, Founder of AGEIST, writes about new year's resolutions: (

“This January, we will be flooded with can-do messages of how to make lists and goals, and carry through on them. Sometimes the best action is not about what big life-changing project or job we will undertake, but something more subtle: preparation and readiness.”

This struck a chord in me that sparked thoughts about how we gear up every year with our lists and goals. Goals to lose weight, begin a new career, find that special relationship...

The thought of approaching this year differently gave me a new perspective and it may do the same for you. Every year we jump on the bandwagon of resolutions.  By February most of us have fallen off the wagon - but let's give credit where its due - we keep at it until it's just no longer a top priority.  

Instead of making a list of resolutions to do things we struggle to fulfill every year why not step back and look at what we already have? Often we overlook all that we have accomplished while looking for more. How can I appreciate more if I am not appreciating all that I have?  Preparation and readiness can mean I see what I have done, recognize the work I did and am prepared to take the next step.

For me I am starting with accepting that I am enough, where I am, at this very moment. It doesn't mean I don't have further to go but let me start where I am and embrace that, and, all I have already accomplished.

What about you? We don't often stop to assess what we have done and how we - things - have changed.  It is important to recognize our accomplishments, growth and adjustments.  If we don't how can we appreciate it all?  If not, how can we recognize the hard work and success in our lives?

I personally have done a lot this year. It made me realize that my life is quite full, and it is time to step back and enjoy what I have accomplished.  If you know me you know I am a go getter and am always in motion.  As I started looking at things and thinking about the new year goals I felt I needed to stop and recognize what I have done and appreciate it.  Not just say "yes that's nice" but really embrace it and take time to enjoy it.  Then build on that in place of starting something new.

With this in mind let's see how we can do something great! I think beginning with being grateful for all that we have will give deeper meaning to our lives.  Taking a minute to appreciate our accomplishments, our blessings, and the people who are there supporting us will enrich our lives. If we don't see what we have achieved how can more fulfill us? I am not saying that we are done in life but moving forward without truly seeing what we have is like doing stuff for the sake of doing stuff - without meaning.  Does that make sense to you?  When you are not enjoying what you already accomplished and all that you have sitting right in front of you how is the next rung on the ladder you reach for going to make you happy?

Joy is defined as the emotion provoked by well-being, success or possessing what one desires. Take stock of what you have, the state of your health, and the relationships in your life. Enjoy it - embrace it as the fragile fibers of your life that they are. What steps can you take to appreciate it more? Can you improve on showing appreciation and love to the important people in your life? Can you appreciate the health you do have and work on maintaining it? Can you see the beauty of your life that surrounds you?

Yes, this is a good and new way to start this new year!

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