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Do your choices reflect your lifestyle and what are the consequences of your choices?

Lifestyle is defined as the way a person lives. It can be based on culture, upbringing, or your priorities in life. The bottom line is your lifestyle is a conscious choice that you make. There are diseases and health risk factors as a result of our lifestyle choices. Many of us live the life we want to live. It’s all about choices we make at various points in our lives. As we embark on our lives independently, whether as teens or adults, we have an agenda usually. School, work, marriage, and a few other things in between. Rarely do we think about our lifestyle after 50. That is until we reach that age. At least I didn’t. And as I embark on my “golden years” I am very aware of my choices because I realize each choice has a consequence, whether good or bad. Much of this information is addressed in depth in my recent book “The 21st Century Woman” available at Amazon, and applies to both men and women. Life and its demands can sometimes take us off our path of choice. At times we need to regroup and re-evaluate where we are. Choose what is important to attain the life we want to live. Choices: join friends or family on a trip; outing; dinner; visit; or stay at home doing nothing and miss out on a wonderful time making memories. Choices: lay around watching TV basically doing nothing or go for a walk at the park, mall, or neighborhood getting much needed exercise allowing for healthy circulation. Life’s demands have to be met but let’s not lose ourselves in the process that it takes over our lives for longer than it takes to resolve the concern. That’s where your faith comes in - to help you to maintain a balance. I know you have seen it happen around you and it may have also been a personal experience. But you learned from it and re-centered your life – right? We have lost loved ones, those who are very dear to us and a huge part of our life. There is a process of grief, acceptance, recognizing our loss and moving forward carrying their memory with us along with the joy and lessons learned from them. Losing yourself in your loss does not honor that person, God, or those alive around you. Yes we need to grieve. But we must also continue to live, to honor their memory as well as the life we have been given. We are not the only ones who have experienced tragedy, and we will not be the last. The choice is we begin to live and by doing so we give honor to their memory. The pain changes and we learn to adjust. Without trivializing any experience whether sorrows, joys, and other challenges, those experiences help us to learn and grow. We have one life – the life we have been blessed with. The choice is to create the life we believe is right for us. A life that is filled with faith, joy, love, good health, learning to work out our problems resulting in personal growth. When necessary seek out answers, solutions and explanations to problems and concerns. Make the choices that give us the results we seek. Even when that includes seeking professional guidance to help us move on. Just as others may seek you out for the knowledge you have, you must do the same for your life. Whether you realize it or not you are an example to those around you. Be the legacy you want to be remembered by. When your children reflect on your life they should see an example that leads to a blossoming life for them. Most importantly, live the life you want to live. The life you can reflect on and feel a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude. Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life

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