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Life Can Change In A Moment

It seems there has been quite a bit of bad news the past 15 months. It has provoked me to think about all the wonderful things I have in my life and to more fully appreciate them. In a moment's time life can change. Life is precious - it is a balance of working out the challenges while recognizing and appreciating all that we do have.

Many of you know I sold my home in Miami and moved to the country. Life is certainly different for me. Every morning I wake up and thank God. I am very grateful. My front yard early in the morning. It is starting to really shape up. The recent tragedy in Surfside was 12 blocks from the condo I lived in for over 20 years. Many of us know someone who lived in Champlain Towers. Or, know a person who was a relative or friend of a resident there. It has touched all lives who have a connection to south Florida. Add this tragedy to what we have been living with since March 2020 and we realize the challenges we have faced, and, overcome.

It is a time to be thankful for what we have as we reflect on all that has happened the past 15 months. If you are reading this we can honestly say we are in a better position than many. I don’t want to be morose but I think it is important to recognize our blessings. Leaders have risen during the pandemic and this recent tragedy. They are a shining light in our community and a balance in the scales of events. There are many who stand out and three that I would like to mention. Ilana Moses of The Florida Spa Association is one. She, and her team, turned her organization into a strong support for all spas and clubs in south Florida. FSA now stands out as a strong leader in this profession and I know they will continue doing so. I benefited from her zoom calls that provided important information to guide us though an unknown territory. As a consultant I was able to share critical operational information with my clients. She went above and beyond. Another dynamic duo is Chef Ken Sejour of Chef Creole and his wife/partner, Rena. They provided thousands of meals to the needy, elderly, first responders and even for the tragedy in Surfside. They embody a caring commitment to their community. The Sejour’s (Chef Creole family) are constantly giving wherever they see the need, without hesitation or complaint, even though they are crazy busy. There are many others. Do you know someone you would like to mention? Please share as they deserve to be recognized and for others to be encouraged. We are in a time that calls for gratitude for all we have, and, when possible, help someone else. Please email me with your special story:

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