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Cheryl how can you promise me success on my resolutions when 80% of people give up on their resolutions by February? This is a FACT reported by U.S. NEWS. My last article Tired of Failed New Year’s Resolutions revealed that we need a new approach. Many readers clicked on the article so I know it is important to people. I even shared that I used this approach and was successful. Then I told you that you can be successful too. Did you believe me? Will you believe an article in FORBES saying almost the same thing? The article is titled Reasons Why We Don’t Achieve New Year’s Resolutions written by well known life coach Jennifer Cohen and talks about 4 things we NEED to do for success or rather 4 things we don’t do and that’s why we fail. The 4 things? 1) Failing to pick realistic goals; 2) we don’t plan properly; 3) we don’t make it a habit; and, 4) we don’t have support. Instead of saying I am going to lose 20 pounds how about saying I will do ONE thing to improve my health and wellbeing? Let’s face it 2020 was a year we will never forget. Stress overload, fear of Covid, job challenges or losses, work environment changes, school changes, personal space and social changes. Whew! It became more apparent than ever that the more unhealthy we are the greater the risk for disease! We deserve a break and that comes in the form of taking care of ourselves. When flying on a plane the sign says put your own mask on first before helping someone else. Why? We all know why. If I am busy passing out I can’t help anyone, even my child sitting next to me. As a health professional I have to say it. For years we have been telling people not taking care of your health puts you at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and shortens your life. And now it increases your risk of contracting the coronavirus and how serious your case will be. What is the REAL issue behind these resolutions? Do we really believe it or are we just following the crowd? The first thing is you MUST WANT to achieve this goal. The second is you MUST BELIEVE you will succeed. In this day and age of technology with everything at our fingertips why is it when it comes to our health we become irresponsible? My previous article talked about all the things you have already achieved in life. You didn’t question if you would graduate college. You did it. You did not question your marriage at the alter – you believed in it. No matter what happened afterwards you went into it believing it would work. You got pregnant. Six weeks later you didn’t walk away from it. You saw it through. You had the baby and raised your child. You bought a house. You spent years fixing it up. You lived in it and created hundreds of memories. Six weeks of living in the house you didn’t walk away. Why when it comes to our health we become lazy and fail to see it through? Maybe because we do it for foolish reasons and not credit it with the true importance it holds over our lives? We may whine about not being able to eat ice cream or bread and we will forever be lost without it. Really? Last article I gave you 3 small easy steps to take to begin your successful road to being healthier. Step 1- I said you must PLAN by prepping meals for the week. Set aside 1 ½ hours to prep your meals for the week. Small meals and I gave you a few suggestions. Step 2-increase your daily activity by 15 minutes a day. Park your car a bit further away and walk a few minutes; walk your dog a bit longer; put on some music at home and dance for 10-15 minutes. My great niece was chubby as a young girl. She got tired of all the ridicule she was getting. Three summers ago she went to her room 3-4 days a week, put on music and danced for 30 minutes. She lost about 20-25 pounds and looks incredible. Step 3-learn one new thing every day to expand your mind, create new brain cells, avoid senility, and build your life up. I lost 45 pounds when I realized I was not happy with the weight I had gained. I put my mind to it, changed my lifestyle by adding a new habit of exercising regularly, planned and prepared my meals ahead of time and was successful. I kept my eye on the goal and the results I wanted in my life were greater than a dish of ice cream or French fries. Can I eat ice cream or French fries? Yes but it’s not a habit- it’s a treat to be had occasionally. The FORBES article said you also need support. I will give you that support if you reach out to me as I have no way of reaching out to you. E mail me what you want to do and allow me to provide a little of my expertise in helping you get there. Allow me to remind you what is really important in your life. So what are you waiting for? February and to become a statistic? As NIKE says Just do it! I am here for you but you must take the first step:

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