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Weekends are made for fun – remember that? Working your butt off to get out the door from work early on Friday to take off. When I was in school it was about going up coast to Cocoa Beach to surf, or maybe down to the Keys to Ocean Reef. When I got older it was driving or flying somewhere fun, or, taking the wave runners to the west coast. As a life coach I encourage my clients to make time to enjoy life. When was the last time you did something for you on the weekend? It seems more complicated now right? For some maybe. But it is all about how you set your life up, attitude, and making it a priority. Weekends are supposed to be fun. Once in a while get your personal training done during the week – and set up your weekend for fun and laughter. It is a time to de-stress, laugh, and do things you really enjoy. It offsets the hectic week and we need that for a balanced life. For many people, weekends are a work catch up time. It was for me for years. That is not healthy. My little brother used to say to me “You live to work, but you are supposed to work to live”. He is right. What makes you happy? Do you have a hobby? Is there a place you have been wanting to check out? Or is it to spend time with your family? Do you make that extra effort to create time together? If not now – then when? How many tomorrows will pass before you finally “enjoy a weekend?” Laughter is healthy. It is also essential for life. This weekend is coming up. Are you looking forward to it and doing something special? Are you guaranteed another weekend? Ever heard people say something like “she always wanted to go there but never made time. She was always putting it off…” How many times have you heard that? What will it take for you to “be ready for the weekend”? Why not start right now? Plan something fun for this weekend if you haven’t already. You don’t have to leave town. Go to the beach with family or friends. Have a BBQ. Go to the park. Go out to that restaurant you have been wanting to go to. Let me know how you were able to make a little time for fun this weekend. Email me Monday at Happy Weekend! Cheryl

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