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Hold on to it.

Cultivate it.

Embrace it!

Almost everywhere you turn there are articles and discussions about “being happy”. Was this ever a conscious thought until the last decade? My in box today had the latest article from Harvard Medical School titled “Boost Your Happiness and Inner Strength…and say “NO” to circumstances that may drag you down”. Wouldn’t that be obvious to us? Maybe not. There are times that people in our lives drain us. They use us as a sounding board to dump their problems and bad feelings. That would not necessarily be bad if they equally shared their positive experiences. But when that’s not the case and it’s always negative, you are being dragged down and it’s time to limit your exposure to those types of relationships. Here is a picture of me sitting with my niece and nephew in the lobby of a hotel in Dallas while on a family trip. We were having so much fun - they were tickling me. Of all my pictures I love this one the best as it shows complete unbridled joy! Last week I was at my eye doctors, Dr. Henry Stevens, for a routine checkup. He commented on how happy I looked. He has known me nearly 20 years. A few of those years were pretty stressful times. He is wellness oriented and is always sharing some tidbit of good information. He was delighted for me and looked me in the eye saying get rid of people in your life who are negative and drag you down. He is so right! As a life coach I know that and would give the same advice to anyone in that situation. But sometimes we don’t see it for what it is even when it stares us in the face. You know the feeling…the phone rings, you see who it is and hesitate to answer. You feel bad but are just not in the mood for it. Sound familiar? That is a particularly good indicator of an unbalanced relationship. These are times to embrace your happiness and savor it. Whatever it is that makes you truly happy is good for you. I am not talking about overindulging in something – this is about true happiness. A walk on the beach, time with family, painting, seeing someone you enjoy being with, watching an old movie, or a new one. Usually, those things that make us happy are not bought with money. They are things that touch our soul: nature, family, love, seeing something organically beautiful. Do you know what makes you happy? Of course you do but seeing it written down is beneficial as we can be so much aware of it. Take a minute and write down 3 things. Whether its just a few minutes or an hour of happiness - you should be doing it – each of them – every week. With 168 hours in a week don’t we deserve 4 or 5 hours of doing things that make us happy? Plus it boosts our immune system! Are you aware that there is a science of happiness? Researchers have found that happier people generally are more successful, healthier, sleep better, more mentally stable and even follow pandemic guidelines more closely. Happiness is defined as a ,state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happiness means different things to different people. There is a tremendous amount of research across the world delving into how social, environmental, types of inequality and so much more impacts our happiness. Not only does it affect our life quality, but it impacts our health, success, and relationships. Happiness is a critical component of our health and quality of life. So I ask you again, would you take a minute and write down 3 – just 3 – things that make you happy. Whether you are rich, poor, or in between, it is your responsibility, and choice, to be happy. With everything going on around us I am grateful for my happiness and cherish every moment of it. Don’t you? I would love for you to send me a quick e mail sharing some of the things that make you happy? I will go first to get you started. Seeing the ocean, the mountains, nature in all it's glory! I love that. Knowing that I made a difference in something - whether it's in someone's life or a project. These things lift my heart and make me happy. How about you? I look forward to hearing about what makes you happy. Cheryl. ,,

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