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50's IS THE NEW 30'S

Our 50’s is the perfect time for a new adventure in life. (Truth be told I am in my 60’s but I feel like it’s my 30’s.) We are experienced enough to know who we are and what we want in life. We have developed our lifestyle to the level where we have more options and choices. By now we have had some life challenges making us stronger, and, with enough courage to look at life honestly. Including being honest with ourselves. So if not now then when will we have our new adventure? Covid was a precursor for many of us in facilitating change in our lives. For me it shaped the fact that I was ready to move on to something else in life. In this day and age the 50’s/60's are really more like our 30’s/40's. We are strong mentally, emotionally and physically. And we have a lot of experience in life – enough so that we know what we want. As we enter this phase of life we can embrace our dreams and desires to live the life we truly want. I am speaking from experience. Let me share with you my adventure. I sold my home and bought 5.6 acres in the country. Covid brought about changes in my life that sparked this adventure but it took time to identify what that would be. As I searched the internet for places to travel (once Covid was under control) which has been my outlet to work, I realized I was really searching for a new home. It took time to find the house I would choose. I searched Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia and North Florida, areas I gravitated to. I had a vision of sitting on a deck with trees all around me and some seasonal changes. I went to see homes in each of these areas and then began my list of pros and cons. After living my whole life in Miami – born and raised – it was time for a change. My home sold in the blink of an eye and for the price my plan called for – well actually it went for $5,000 higher. My realtor, Jack Coden, has been a great support throughout this process - beyond the sale of my home! This was not some whimsical act. It was a Iong and hard process and I prayed for the right choices. Financially it was the right move. A lower cost of living – Miami has become too expensive and demands a heavier workload than I want to carry at this point in life. The areas I was searching in had a much lower cost of living as well as better real estate values for the price. Less traffic, less noise, more room to garden and do all the things I love to do, including remodel my new home to the dream home I want! We each have the power within us – along with the strength of our faith – to manifest the lives we want. The choice is always yours. I spent years remodeling my last home which brought me a great price and provided a beautiful home the new buyers had been searching for. Don’t think this was easy for me. I am single except for my dog family (3 BIG dogs) but I have family and friends who support me. There were a couple of moments I thought - can I do this?

Am I strong enough to do what it takes? Looking back at my life I heard a resounding YES! So I packed all of my stuff. Oh my, I have a lot of stuff. Yard art, plants, rocks, furniture and everything inside the house including my full gym and home office. Well, it is a lot bigger property and house, so I am probably going to need it all. I went from a 1350 sq ft home on ¼ acre to 1852 sq ft on 5.6 acres. Right now I am nestled inside a hotel in north Florida – with my dogs – waiting for the closing with all my “stuff” in storage. Believe me there are moments where I doubt my sanity but I know in my heart and spirit this is the right choice for me. Please do not think for one second I am enjoying life “nestled” in this hotel. Granted it’s a one bedroom room but the four of us in this small space day after day is stressful for all of us. They are used to roaming free, chasing squirrels, iguanas and each other. Each dog must be walked separately – they are each over 90 pounds and I must maintain control over them. We have to avoid other people and their dogs – it’s a hotel that accepts dogs so there are quite of few staying here and coming in every day. It has not been without incident. We are on day 18 - UGH! It could be another 2-3 weeks waiting out the process as the house is in an estate foreclosure. Everyone has been great but I must exercise patience every day. I stay busy with work, reading, exercise and spending quality time together. I have family who support me and some who live close by breaking the monotony with an occasional lunch or dinner. I will say the few days I get to go out to the house to get estimates from contractors has been a joy. I see the vision. By the next newsletter I should be in my new home! Then the real adventure will begin. How about you? Is there something you are dreaming about doing but are not sure of? If not now then when? Has this inspired you in some way? I would love to hear your dreams for your future. Send me an email to:

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