Trainer & Life Coach

As a Trainer Cheryl has helped hundreds of people to regain their health, mobility and quality of life.  Some to achieve the body of their dreams and others to be able to do the things they love again.


Her education and certifications cover a wide range of modalities: Recreational Therapy, Counseling, Pilates, Rehab, Strength and Flexibility, Water, Aging, Youth, Imagery, Life Coaching and more. 


Many people believe in a better quality of life but have no idea that their choices may have taken them in the opposite direction.  At times, we all need guidance to align ourselves with those core values that allow for a healthier, happier lifestyle.  Cheryl's coaching and goal setting achieve  success by working closely together to realize those goals.

Speaking before before medical, private clubs and civic groups Cheryl has inspired audiences to believe in themselves and actualize their goals of a healthier, more focused, and, happier life.