The 21st Century Woman Book Front Cover

The 21st Century Woman

It is time for another wave of feminism. I am calling to each of you to become who you were created to be.  Not what others impressed upon you - whether good or bad.  But what your spirit cries out from deep inside you to realize.  Today I am saying take a different approach by looking inside yourself.  Who are you?  What do you feel strongly about?  What is really important to you?  Because it is time for you to fully realize all God created you to be and embrace it going forward into the light of a new day, a new life but from inside out. This is YOUR feminist movement.  The reality that GOD created you equal, in His image, with His abilities, with specific gifts He has given to you.  And He has given you the courage, the hope and the strength to be YOU!
ISBN- 978-1-7326622-0-9

This book can be an adventure for you.  An adventure in which you find your true self through God.  The journey begins and will take you through your entire life with a continuing development of understanding yourself, God, and others around you.

You will read about different women's experiences as well as women of the Bible and you will learn how they coped and overcame their challenges to live joyful, whole lives through their faith. 


In terms of the 21st Century Woman the beginning is your beginning.  You need to know where you came from, what you have experienced and ultimately, become the you God created you to be.

"Evangelical women have come a long way from the model established by Marabel Morgan in her book "The Total Woman".  Cheryl Patella tells her own journey to a progressive Christian lifestyle and relates it to current events wherein women struggle for dignity and equality.  She does so brilliantly".

Tony Campolo, Ph D, Sociologist and Christian Author


"Your love for God and for women comes through mightily on your pages.  Your book tells your story from The Total Woman to feminism, women in the workplace, the #METOOmovement, fitness and even some recipes.  It will be thrilling to see how the Lord uses your story and experiences to encourage others..

Marabel Morgan, Christian Author